Many of the DVD's below are located on the YBSMedia website.    Bill Hillman is a well-respected and experienced retriever trainer.  Author of The Art and Science of Raising a Puppy and Training a Retriever as well as many articles and DVD's.     Mitch White is a professional retriever trainer who is just as good with people as he is with dogs. His workshops and seminars can be customized for any group.     Kevin Cheff is a well-known retriever trainer who gives seminars, workshops and coaching to individuals.     Pat Burns is a well-known retriever trainer who offers, day training, boot camp, seminars and private mentoring.     Mike Lardy is arguably the best retriever trainer in recent times. The Total Retriever Training site offers all of his programs in books and on DVD’s along with other useful training information.


TCRC  -  Training Resources

Books, DVD's

Sound Beginnings by Jackie Mertens….puppy retrieving for field work. 

Could also be used with inexperienced older dogs. 
Good demonstrations of drills, etc to introduce retrieving and build desire.

Training and Campaigning Retrievers, The Principles and Practice  

by Jack Gwaltney, Jr M.D....Now in it's third printing. It has interesting perspectives on retriever training from an amateurs point of view and is a nice supplement to Lardy's videos and manuals.

Total Retriever Training, 2nd Edition  by Mike Lardy....Mike Lardy guides you through his comprehensive training program that emphasizes teaching in a positive environment.

Training Retrievers Alone and 25 Essential Retriever Training Drills for Handling 

by Dennis Voight....Dennis Voigt has trained multiple Field Champions and won 3 National Championships while training alone the majority of the time.

Building A Retriever: Drills & More  by Carol F. Cassity....A compilation of drills for the hunting retriever. These drills were chosen because of their direct relevance to the retriever HT program and the skills that are required to be successful in that program. 

These resources are just a few. There are many more to be found on the websites and links listed above.